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Annual Men's Golf Trip from Tuross Head to Howlong Golf Club

This year's Men's Golf saw 18 men from Tuross Head, 1 from Bexley in Sydney and 1 from Royal Berridale.

The competitors played two games at Howlong and one at Wodonga in Victoria. The winner with a total of 100 stableford points over the three rounds was Jason Nikolic (playing off scratch) from Tuross Head. Second placed was Tim Watson from Tuross Head with a total of 96 stableford points.

The men would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous support. John Meyer from Totally Equipped 4 x 4 (Batemans Bay) Carlton United Brewery, Ainsworth Gaming, the General Manager at the Tuross Head Country Club Stephen Hodge. Robert Green, Golf Professional Tuross Head, R & R Tuross Head Hardware and especially Katie Feeney, Aussie Embroidery (Moruya).

Below are some photos of the event.

Al Gannon

Tuross Head Men's Golf President