Weekend works at Cullendulla Creek

Contractors relocating a sewer main in the Cullendulla Creek Nature Reserve have begun working weekends at the Surfside site in an effort to install the pipe before the Christmas holidays.

Contractors began onsite work in September to construct a new sewer rising main beneath Cullendulla Creek using horizontal directional drilling, between Long Beach and Surfside.

Council’s Director of Infrastructure Warren Sharpe said a delay in getting a large drill rig to the site interrupted the project schedule.

“The 450mm diameter pipe is being made into three lengths, at 400 metres each and we don’t want this pipe lying around Long Beach over the holidays,” Mr Sharpe said.

“We have allowed the contractor to do the weekend work on Saturdays from 8am to 5pm and Sundays 9am to 3pm, but if it proves too noisy for residents Council will ask the contractor to cease weekend operations.”

Council constructed the pipe to service Long Beach in the mid-1980s in what was then heavily-treed, low-lying land, 15 metres back from the beach. Erosion and weather changes since then have caused the beach to recede and the pipe is now exposed after tidal swells.

The new pipeline route extends 1.2km from the existing depot at the east end of Myamba Parade, Surfside, to near the existing pump station at Nuyen Place, Long Beach.

Drilling works are expected to be completed before the Christmas holiday period. The old exposed lengths of sewer pipe will be removed in February 2019, as will connections at each end of the new pipe to the existing sewerage network.

For more information about the project head to Council’s website www.esc.nsw.gov.au/currentworks

Above: Contractors are now working seven days a week on a project to relocate a rising sewer main in the Cullendulla Creek Nature Reserve before Christmas. The project uses 400m lengths of pipe, which will be stored until they’re ready to be pulled through the bore hole underneath Cullendulla Creek.

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