Measure twice and cut once - we have to get this right

Dear Beagle Editor, The RMS has provided time for people to make comment or a submission about the planned New Bridge for Batemans Bay over the Clyde River. A new bridge for Batemans Bay has been talked about at least since the late 1990’s. Traffic problems including emergency services matters associated with the existing bridge have been well known for perhaps two and a half decades. At least now something is being proposed in an attempt to at least minimise some of the traffic flow issues. Traffic flow issues in the Batemans Bay section of the Prince’s Highway will not be resolved while the highway has traffic lights on it (three sets) with more apparently planned. Batemans Bay should be properly by passed to resolve the traffic issues created by poor forward planning. The proposed new bridge without on and off ramps to service Clyde St West clearly will add to increased traffic flows in North St and Clyde St between the Princes Highway and Orient St.

Encouraging increased traffic flows, (including semi-trailers) in those two streets shouldn’t be supported when, with proper planning the present and future traffic problems associated with poor planning could be much better dealt with. In my opinion the new bridge, as presently planned and proposed, will be in the wrong place

I have been advised in writing by the RMS that in August 2016, the NSW Government published the Princes Highway Corridor Strategy, which sets out the Government’s 20 year plan to manage and guide the development of the road corridor to improve safety, traffic efficiency and sustainability. They advised that the strategy was prepared by a multidisciplinary team from Transport for NSW and Roads and Maritime Services with expertise in road safety, traffic, asset management, land use, environment, planning and development and that the strategy sets out short term, medium term, and long term priorities to manage the highway. "Planning the Batemans Bay Bridge project was identified as a short term priority and that they are working to complete this project in 2021 to reduce traffic delays and improve access to the Batemans Bay area" was their response to my letter that asked about the highway strategy over the next forty years.

They advised that some of the medium and long term priorities identified in the strategy include investigating the suitability and need of a bypass corridor through Milton and Ulladulla, continuing to manage traffic issues within Nowra and upgrading all narrow bridges to facilitate efficient freight movement and improve safety and that current and future traffic and transport studies have been key elements in identifying the route for the new Batemans Bay Bridge.

In their letter they advise that Roads and Maritime have carried out traffic modelling and an increase in traffic movements to and from North Street is likely. Further traffic modelling will be carried out in the detailed design work that will take place in 2018. This will inform the final solution for North Street including the left turn lane from the Princes Highway and access to local shops and services.

I will be making a further submission to them about the whole of project that covers traffic management between the Kings Highway intersection and the Spine Road (Batemans Bay Bypass) intersection. I think it is important that everyone including Council takes time to look at what is planned around the Mackay Park area that will add further to traffic volumes and with the continued push by Council and the Federal Government to see Beach Road made six lanes with new traffic lights at the Perry Street/ Beach Road intersection. With Council planning to sell the Batemans Bay Information centre the community needs to ask will that land be turned into another traffic lane or be taken up by a possible huge roundabout. Allan Brown Catalina

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