Bay Bushwalkers: Long Beach circuit

Above :Batemans Bay bushwalkers lined up on a log just prior to their walk. Walk leader Joan Barrass seated on the right before she leads the way. Thirteen Batemans Bay bushwalkers set out on a 6 kilometre circuit from Long Beach to Maloney’s Beach at low tide, and headed north along the sand and then around the base of the headland. The rocks there, from their geological past have formed into small, sharp vertical shafts that required steady balance and a careful placement of feet to avoid mishaps.

The group were fortunate and all walkers traversed the area intact. Walkers climbed a narrow track, well worn by locals, to the cliff tops and enjoyed the coastal views and some interesting beach house architecture on their return journey. For more information go to

**** This article first appeared on the Batemans Bay Bushwalking website

About the BATEMANS BAY BUSHWALKERS INC. First formed in 1985, we have about 200 members. We are not-for-profit and run by volunteers We are an Incorporated Association with a Constitution and a Committee to oversee administration Personal Accident, Public Liability and Associations Liability Insurance is funded by your annual subscriptions We publish 4 Walks Programs per year, with 2 walks a week of varying grades. Visitors are welcome on walks and are covered by our insurance for 3 walks per financial year Walks are led by volunteer Walk Leaders, who carry a GPS, topographic map, and when appropriate, a safety beacon. We take our safety seriously. Bushwalking is a risky business, accidents do happen, injuries do result. Each walk is graded for difficulty so that you can choose walks to suit your level of ability. Members and Visitors sign a Responsibility Waiver before each walk. We also get together for a variety of social activities and camps, but you have to be a Member to come along to those

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