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Durras Community Association news

The DCA Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 9 February 2019 with a good turnout from the community. The following Executive office bearers were elected for this year

Treasurer - Carloyn Morey President - Trevor Daly Vice President - Geoff Knox Secretary - Paul May

Above: The DCA Executive for 2019. L to R. Carolyn Morey(Treasurer), Trevor Daly (President), Geoff Knox (Vice President) and Paul May (Secretary)

The following members of the Durras Hall Advisory Group were re-elected (Mick May, Helen Tennant, Paul May, Moira Christie, Andrea Annear and Carolyn Morey). FYI the Presidents Report for 2018 is below.

The meeting dates for the DCA in 2019 are:

Sunday 28 April at 4pm Sunday 7 July at 4pm Saturday 24 August at 4pm Sunday 20 October at 4pm

PLEASE PUT IN YOUR DIARY. All meetings will be held at Durras Hall.