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Batemans Bay Soldiers Club : complete with all areas of the iconic venue now officially open.

A multi-million dollar refurbishment to the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club is now complete with all areas of the iconic venue now officially open.

The Club has a colourful history reaching back 58 years, where they officially started trading in their new building at the current site on August 19 1960. But few may know that the Club rooms were initially located in a house on Orient Street.

“Who would have envisaged where would we be today back in 1934 (84 years ago) when Batemans Bay RSL Sub-Branch received its charter of membership to RSL NSW. From meetings in members lounge rooms, halls in the main street, in the back room of Bargain Box to holding meetings in the Bay Soldiers Club as it stands today” From Brian Wheeler, President Batemans Bay RSL Sub-Branch.

When talking with our Nominated Club Patron, June Brooks, about her time as a Member of our club, she states “I joined as soon as it was legally allowable for women and non-service persons to join”. June joined our club on the 12th of October 1972 and has been a long standing, valued member ever since.

After many years of trading at the new site, the Club was growing with new members, so extensions were needed to breathe new life into the Club. A major extension and refurbishment project began in 1984 which changed the shape of the club completely. Stage two of these modifications were finally complete in 1988.

The Club was gaining in popularity as a place to meet with locals and tourists alike, where many valuable memories were made. Another refurbishment was needed to extend the building and create a larger auditorium/ function rooms and restaurant.

The present Club evolved and was constructed in 2002 at a cost of $7million, along with a cascading water feature and fish tank.

Now we’ve got new stuff

The recently completed renovations have transformed the venue and have really bought the club into the 21st century with a fresh, contemporary feel, creating an open atmosphere to take in the beautiful views of the Bay.

The idea behind the renovations was to provide our community with a fun, safe and modern venue, where families feel welcome and younger generations can interact with the older generation of members who often have entertaining stories and memories to share.

“As President of the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club for the past 21 years, and a member of the club since 1986, I have great pleasure watching the club grow form strength to strength creating a vibrant venue woven into the fabric of our community.” Said Club President Mr John McCaskill.

Relocating our juniors room to the upper level has now allowed for longer opening hours. As families, carers and parents can now supervise their own children in the newly named juniors room (BeeHaven Room) outside of supervised hours. This has now created a more family friendly experience and is a great place for parent groups to meet or just to enjoy time out and a coffee with friends.

“I would like to thank my fellow directors and management team for assisting, creating and reviewing the renovation design over 18 long months and to all our members and guests for putting up with the renovation process to create a club that is light comfortable and kind to our environment” Said Club President Mr John McCaskill.

Regulars to the Club will notice the new open plan spaces have given the club a light, relaxed feel. The newly created Memorial Walk, when completed, will be an honourable and fitting tribute to our late service members. We look forward to its completion.

“I think the changes are wonderful, I really like how it has been opened up and it feels very relaxing, homely and modern – it has really moved with the times” said June brooks.

The main bar undertook a full refurbishment and provided a great new space for staff to serve our members and their guests. The restaurant bar was relocated to efficiently serve our new alfresco area where you can dine or enjoy a beverage while taking in the beautiful view.

“I congratulate the board and staff of the club on the complete refurbishment of the club and to present to the community of Batemans Bay a club that has taken pride in past contributions and service to the entire community and will continue to do so in the future” says Brian Wheeler.

Batemans Bay Soldiers Club are unveiling its new-look club and multimillion-dollar renovation with a “We’ve Got New Stuff” launch party and promotion on Saturday 21 July. But leading up to this date, the club is to giving away $2,000 each Saturday to celebrate. The Renovation Celebration party will be full of music, fun, food and a mega $10,000 given away to one lucky winner.

“Come along and enjoy our newly refurbished club and our exciting celebration on Saturday the 21st of July. We are proud to offer a fresh bright club that is designed to encourage members and guests from all walks of life to sit back and soak up the relaxed atmosphere and stunning views” says Mr Paul Biddlestone, CEO.

Above: We've Got New Stuff. And to celebrate the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club are having a Renovation Celebration Launch Party and Promotion. The promotion starts this Saturday, July 21st, 2018 and the Club has $2,000 TO GIVE AWAY.

For more information head to the Clubs Facebook Page and website.

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