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Eurobodalla Council is preparing a Tourism Signage and Wayfinding Strategy over the next few months with the assistance of specialist tourism signage consultants, Wayfound. The strategy will be a framework for deciding the location and style of different types of signs to help guide visitors through Eurobodalla and find the key attractions, experiences and services that are on offer. Wayfinding is how people find their way around a place using cues like information signs and landmarks. The Australian Government is helping deliver this project through a grant under the Building Better Regions Fund that matches Council’s funding commitment.

Council are now asking the tourism and business community to provide feedback to help them prepare the Strategy. The tourism and business community are invited to identify opportunities and constraints of existing wayfinding and signage throughout Eurobodalla by attending one of the following feedback sessions:

Please RSVP to Nardi Arnold ( including your name, business and which session you will attend by Tuesday 24 April. The primary purpose of the Feedback sessions is to hear what tourism organisations, businesses and operators in Eurobodalla think about wayfinding and tourism signage. The 2 hour sessions will be informal and conversational. The Wayfound consultants will present some background information about wayfinding and tourism signage. Wayfound advise in their preamble: About tourism signage Tourist signs are an important part of making the Eurobodalla a visitor friendly destination. Effective roadsignage can mean the difference between visitors stopping to explore a town or attraction, or just driving past. The primary purposes of tourism signs are to: • safely and efficiently guide visitors to their destination, and • inform visitors of the range of attractions and services available at a destination. Their purpose is not to market or advertise a particular business or attraction.Tourism road signage consists of green (directional) signs, brown (tourist) signs and blue (services andfacilities). National, state and local guidelines and standards are apply to use of these types of signs.State, local and regional governments can complement these signs with other types of signage that provide visitors a sense of the place. Typically these are uniquely branded. They include entry statements (conveying awarm welcome), visitor information boards and marketing billboards. What is Wayfound is trying to understand? • What destinations and attractions do you think visitors need to know about? • What destinations and attractions do you think visitors need to be able to find? • What are the main signage and wayfinding issues impacting on this? • Are there places people consistently can’t find or get lost? • Are there particular wayfinding and signage issues in your local area or other areas in the Shire?

An example of the type of sign that could be used to advise highway motorists of our coastal villages to encourage them to visit. This sign is NOT allowed under any Signage Guidelines – Council, RMS, TASAC & NATIONAL The only sign allowed is this one:

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