"Horrific scenes of forest devastation"

The Editor Friends of Durras members were out surveying Boyne State Forest today, visiting a number of logging sites on the western side of the highway across adjacent to Murramarang National Park.

These areas of State Forest are also the catchment of Durras Lake. These logged areas are horrific scenes of forest devastation, including the loss of vital hollow bearing habitat trees. All these forests are core habitat for Yellow-bellied Gliders and Greater Gliders. But not anymore. The NSW Forestry Corporation is driving the Yellow-bellied Glider and the Greater Gliders to extinction on the lands they have control over. There is a really entrenched pro-logging culture in the NSW Forestry Corporation that is completely out of step with its responsibility to protect threatened wildlife. The Regional Forest Agreements are really a licence to slaughter Australian native wildlife that would see other operators put in jail. Friends of Durras

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