More Forestry works proposed east of Mogo in 2018

It is understood that Forestry Corporation of NSW is developing its harvest plan for 2 compartments east of the highway next to the Mogo township (see draft plan below)

FCNSW is currently seeking feedback from Mogo residents only at this stage. Others in the community are questioning if this seems to be a little short-sighted given the shire-wide or state-wide interest in the logging of the two previous compartments east of the highway – 147 and 148.

As the harvesting operation is proposed to commence in January 2018 and continue for 6-10 weeks the wider community, now aware of the proposal, feel it would have been preferable for FCNSW to have provided the broader community with more notice to allow for considered responses across a number of economic, environmental and social issues .

Once approved, operational plans will be available to view on the Corporation’s website at

However, it is believed by that stage it becomes very difficult for stakeholder input especially given the holiday season ahead.

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