An open letter of support by Clayton Birss

Letter to the Editor It is exciting to be part of the Batemans Bay Business and Tourism Chamber at present. It consists of a great group of people passionate about the town and shire we live in. Intelligent, forward thinking people drawing from the knowledge and opinions of long term residents whilst also embracing the passion and enthusiasm of new comers to our community. A huge part of why the organisation is so alive at present rests firmly on the shoulders of our President David Maclachlan. Surely this guy has cloned himself? Any way in which he believes he can assist in delivering positive change he’s there. Through lending his expertise to tourism committees(current owner/operator of Quays Hotel Batemans Bay, former owner/operator of Lincoln Downs Batemans Bay) or events such as the hugely successful “Sculptures on Clyde” that quite bluntly would not have happened if not for David or “Mr Positive” as the organising committee ended up calling him (over a decade in the events industry operating and providing infrastructure to events such as V8 supercars, AC/DC concert, Floriade, Multi Cultural Festival). David has the amazing ability to articulate what so many of us in the business community are thinking and present it to all levels of government. He is also able to demand accountability something that so often alludes us. We are currently faced with a great deal of opportunity to improve our community making it a more enjoyable, rewarding and vibrant place to live. I take my hat off to volunteers like David that selflessly commit time and effort to making this town and shire a better place to live. If you see him around say hello, he will brighten your day. Yours sincerely, Clayton Birss Batemans Bay

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