Corrigans Dog Park update

The Corrigans Reserve Dog Park Supporters had a very constructive meeting with Mayor Liz Innes on Thursday afternoon at Club Catalina.

The Mayor was presented with a letter signed by 111 businesses from Batemans Bay and Batehaven and 150 ratepayers in support of a fenced dog park to be established at the very western end of Corrigans Beach Reserve, an area of land currently not used. Mayor Liz Innes was also presented with a quote from a local fencing contractor to erect the dog park fencing at a cost of $29,370 – almost $50,000 less than Council’s estimated costings.

Spokesperson for the group, Rob Loftus, was very confident that there would be minimal ‘cost to council’ and that local businesses would be happy to ‘sponsor’ a spot on the fence. There are also grant moneys available for this project and the fact that moneys collected by way of dog registration fees could be used for the community park.

The meeting was well attended and there was much robust but respectful debate. The Mayor, although expressing reservations and concern with the siting of the dog park at Corrigans, assured those in attendance that she had an open mind and suggested that we put the matter before council for consideration.

One of the attendees reminded the Mayor that the Batemans Bay community has been waiting for 20 years for a fenced dog park to cater for those with disabilities and the elderly who find it difficult to exercise their dogs on beaches.

Mention was also made of the fact the two previous petitions were presented on behalf approximately 1,500 people from Batemans Bay for a 24 hour fenced dog park.

We are grateful that the Mayor has taken time to meet with community members and we look forward to working with council to realise our community’s expectations and desire for a fully fenced dog park at Corrigans Beach Reserve.

Above: the area identified .

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