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Nightmare on Orient Street

Dear Beagle Editor,


As a regular to the area I can only describe the work that is being carried out in this area is a disaster waiting to happen.

Last week I navigated my way through a maze of equipment and what could only be a described as a dangerous construction site. I chose to walk down the center of the street from the IMB to the Post Office as I felt safer in the middle of the road than jumping between pavers that were being raised, unleveled ground, jack hammers and excavator. I felt sorry for an elderly lady who was on a scooter attempting to get to the Commonwealth Bank and a man with a walking stick.

The following day, as I retraced my steps, there was a gentleman pointing out safety issues to a worker with heavy equipment being used and pedestrians trying to pass and cars trying to find a park.

I thought to myself what a mess, how would a Fire Engine navigate it's way through this area and an ambulance would have difficulty entering this site. Sometimes situations come down to a matter of minutes for a life to be saved.

Yay, yesterday finally fencing had been erected up and down the street and I thought to myself "the penny has finally dropped; there IS a safety issue". I stood and watch two buses wind their way through the maze and I have to congratulate the drivers as an inch or two each side of the bus they could have wiped out fencing on one side and cars of the other side or even a worker or pedestrian or two.

I have been told that there were three teams of workers brought in yesterday and that there is a push to get a "move on" before an ANZAC themed event planned on Thursday near Bridge Plaza involving some important dignitaries.

The question also remains why there was not appropriate signage erected prior to entering Orient Street or turning left off the Batemans Bay Bridge warning of the construction area with traffic delays ahead as many caravans and trucks use this as a thorough to Beach Road.

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