Are TAKEAWAY coffee cups recyclable in the Eurobodalla?

This week's BIG question ..... Are coffee cups recyclable in the Eurobodalla?

Council confirms...... YES. Unlined cardboard and plastic-lined coffee cups, including the plastic lids, are to be placed into the yellow-lidded recycling bins within Eurobodalla. Council’s contractor SUEZ bales them and then transports the cardboard for recycling to companies within Australia.

Above: Takeaway cups like these used by The Fix coffee van ARE RECYCLABLE (Photo by Mathew Hatcher of The Fix Coffee Van)

Polystyrene coffee cups should not be placed in yellow-lidded recycling bins. The materials recycling facility in Moruya does not process polystyrene as a recyclable, because it is difficult to manage in this environment. However, clean polystyrene is recyclable and can be separated and delivered to Council’s waste management facilities for recycling, free of charge.

Used coffee pods cannot be recycled in Eurobodalla's yellow-lidded recycling bins.

However, there is an option for the keen recycler. Terracycle currently accepts Expressi coffee pods and Nespresso coffee pods at present. For more information about Terracycle and what they offer you can visit their website at

It may also be a way to raise funds through Terracycle’s incentive points system for a sports club or organisation while closing the loop on a problem waste item.

The image above of the recycling process is from the SUEZ cardboard recycling factsheet

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