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H.M.S. Victory - building, restoration and repair - available for purchase

One of the main means of fundraising for the Batemans Bay Old Courthouse Museum is via their Book Emporium. Currently, they are the only book shop in Batemans Bay (soon to be joined by a new book business in town). They recently received a surprise when processing some recent large donations.

The photos below show images of a large reference work, known as 'H.M.S. Victory - building, restoration and repair'. Published by Her Majesty's Stationary Office at the University Printing House, Cambridge (1966) and written by Arthur Bugler, the book describes, in extensive detail, the building, restoration and repair of Admiral Nelson's flagship HMS Victory. The quality of the book is exceptional and is in very good condition. It also contains extensive photographs and prints of the ship.

Another copy of this book is currently on sale, through a bookshop iin Sacramento, Caligornia for US $295 (equivalent to almost AU $400.). If you, or someone you know, would be keen to own this collectors item, the Museum would be willing to offer it for sale at AU $200 - $225 (plus postage, if applicable).

The book is available for viewing during normal Museum opening hours. Please call in person, by telephone (02 4472 1635) or email (

The Batemans Bay Old Courthouse Museum looks forward to hearing from you.

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