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Mayne announces new traffic idea for Highway / Kings roundabout

Dear Beagle Editor Councilor Mayne has announced on Face Book that the Traffic Committee has “identified, working with the RMS” ways to alleviate peak traffic conditions around the Easter, Christmas and school holiday period”. The idea he says that they are going to try is have both lanes from Canberra turn right and go over the bridge. He says only one lane turns right now and the other lane goes north or to Surfside. Because of the way it is Mayne says “the traffic backs all the way to Nelligen and obviously that is a real issue”. Bloody oath it is. Everybody knows that the "real issue" is that if you have four lanes of traffic joining into one lane to go over a one lane bridge theres going to be a problem. I've been stuck a few times and the dickheads coming from Sydney just keep driving through without giving way to their right so anyone coming from Nelligen can't get in to the roundabout without queueing across the north going lane. Where is the sense in all this? It takes me an hour sometimes to get from Nelligen to the highway. Where are the coppers on point duty? Don't they teach that any more? Pretty pissed off to see Mayne in his safety vest sprouting what will happen at Easter time. Is this how the council announces what they are doing now - on face book so I can do a thumbs up or down to endorse his announcement - that's just bullshit. You want a solution? Stop opening the bridge between 9 and 5 for a start and then try this. During the peak time have stop lights on both sides where cars can cross side by side for two lanes - from north to south then have cars cross side by side for two lanes going north. Run it like a work site. In the meantime I'm going to stay the hell away from it and stuff the Easter Bunny in his fluoro vest. Cranky Old River Rat (name and address supplied)

Above: An attempt to show Anthony Mayne's idea of two lanes turning south from Canberra as described by River Rat and from watching the footage of the idea on Facebook.

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