End the duck-shoving

The Beagle Editor

The shire's eligible voters vote for individuals who will properly communicate with them on any matter of concern, whether or not the issue might come under the financial control of the state or federal governments. It’s very concerning though that some individuals get elected to Council by the shires residents and when matters of interest that may be ultimately funded by the state or federal governments are raised with them, they attempt to deflect those matters saying they are not the responsibility of the Local Council or the Councillors. Of course that is not the case, elected local councillors doing what is expected of them will pursue any issues of a local matter on behalf the their shire’s residents and ratepayers that are raised, even if in the end they are the financial responsibility of the State or Federal Government. Ideas come from ordinary local areas people who pass them on their elected representatives for support planning and future funding requirements. The elected representatives work for the electors and residents not the public service who should also be working for the national population. Hope some of them are able to read this !

Allan Brown

Catalina NSW

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