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It's time to get the State involved

The Beagle Editor

Over the last few weeks there’s been emails circulating as well letters to the shire’s news outlets about the Councils recent decision and attitude about it’s Coastal Zone Management Plan, ( CZMP ). Several of the CZMP commentators suggest there’s a range of negative financial imposts on owners of lands already effected and potentially effected by the NSW Governments endorsed support for the Coastal Zone Management Plan as it presently applies to lands in the Eurobodalla Shire. Remember Local Councils in New South Wales are in fact an arm or extension of the NSW Government operating within the boundary's of the NSW Governments Delegated Authority to them.

That being the case all those who have concerns about recent decisions of the elected councillors regarding the CZMP, should be requesting state government officials hold public meetings in the Eurobodalla Shire to properly explain all the effects of the Government Supported CZMP on those effected by their legislation on the matter.

A letter to the Premier, Local Member, Minister for the Environment etc. needs to be sent inviting them to attend public meetings to properly explain the NSW Governments Agenda with the CZMP’s. The drivers of the community concerns about the CZMP’s need to start there .

Allan Brown

Catalina NSW

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