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Bay Push Stage 1 nears completion

Stage one of The Bay Push inclusive playground at Corrigans Beach near BatemansBay is cracking along. Eurobodalla Shire Council says it will be finished mid-December, just before school breaks. Work on stage two will start after the holidays in February. The fundraising continues for more play equipment and an enhanced experience for kids of any ability. To chip in to this wonderful project contact Charles Stuart at The Bay Push or email Well done to all involved. Ian Campbell Reprinted with the permission of Ian Campbell of About Regional You can learn more of the The Bay Push project here.

Photo courtesy of Ian Campbell

Below is an aerial (Drone) shot taken on 1 December 2016. Photo by Bay Push.

As can be seen the playground is nearing completion. When we say completion, we mean the money has run out. We still need to raise around $800K to finish the installation of the remaining play equipment and soft-fall material. This will be done on a modular basis as funds are donated. At the top right hand of the photo you may be able to pick out the grey beach boardwalk which provides access to our two water wheelchairs. At this stage we are looking at an official half opening in February. We will keep in touch.

The team at The Bay Push

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