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Regular golf competitions return to Tuross Head

Tuross Head men’s golf competitions are now taking place on a regular basis following a long interruption due to an autumn of extreme rain. Players were out in strong support of the Thursday medley competition and the main Saturday event.

Hopefully the club can now return to a regular competition schedule.

Results for the week are as under:

Tuross Head Country Club men’s golf Saturday June 18 2022

Prize Winners

Thomas Englebrecht 41 stableford points, Troy Kingdom 39, Bruce Martin 38,

Steve Johnston 37, Paul Scholze 36.

Ball Winners

Steven O’Shea 36, Zac English 36, Paul Coffey 35, Kane Duncan 35, Stephen Swanbury 35,

Paul Ferguson 35, Martin Booth 34, Col Houghton 34, Chris Cox 33, Herb Muriwai 33,

Ian Manton 33, Leigh Coloe 32, Michael Hogan 32, Richard Wharton 32, Ian McManus 32,

Tony Brown 32, Ian Kingston 32, Peter Hogan 32, John Eglitis 32 and Malcolm Gregor 31.

Nearest the Pins

Hole 4/13 Martin Booth, Hole 6/15 Tony Booth, Hole 7/16 Troy Kingdom.

Tuross Medley Stableford Golf - Thursday 16 June 2022

Prize Winners

Ruth Gschwend 41 stableford points,

Steve Johnston 40

Wayne Fullerton 37

Kevin Reilly 36

Ian Kingston 35

Ball Winners

Geoffrey Lee 35 points, Samantha Dryden 34, Ray Bollard 34, Ian Miller 34, David Williams 33,

Chris Cox 33, Shane Gschwend 33, Leonie Snodgrass 33, Allen Gannon 33, Richard Wharton 32,

Ron Rogers 32, Bruce Martin 31, Peter Coffey 30, Gail Page 30 and Shirley Quinlan 30.

Nearest the Pins

Hole 4/13 Allen Gannon, Hole 6/15 Brad Doolan, Hole 7/16 Brad Doolan.

Photo: Tuross golfers Paul Scholze and Nigel Barling enjoy a golfing day at Tuross

Photo: Courtesy Tony Brown