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Election update: Dec 5th

Early results (as at 10:00am Sunday December 5th, 2021) show some interesting revelations about the electors of Eurobodalla. It appears that, so far, voters were more interested in the Mayoral outcome and seem to have made the effort to lodge a considered vote. It certainly seems, at this point, that the preferences of Mayoral Candidates will have a major bearing on the outcome. More info on that HERE When it comes to voting for Councillor there is the interesting percentage of informal votes. 15.3% - it would be fun to be a fly on the wall and see all of those. No doubt there would be the obligatory drawings of private parts, many choice words and even longwinded explanations that condemn the electoral process and the fact that it is mandatory. Looking at the Ticket Votes for each Councillor group it appears that the Donkey Vote of a "1" being placed in the top left hand box of the voting form may have benefitted that group. Hopefully the final outcome will reflect that, by and large, most of the voters made an intelligent and informed effort to participate in their own democracy.