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Bega: Increased Mozzie Numbers expected

This year’s wet spring and summer are expected to create favourable breeding conditions for mosquitoes as La Niña weather patterns create more rainfall alongside warm temperatures.

As some mosquitoes can transmit diseases including Ross River virus, people are encouraged to take steps to protect themselves from mosquito bites.

While Council does receive some requests to spray areas that have mosquitoes, broad scale use of insecticides is generally discouraged, as this can kill other beneficial insects such as pollinators.

Instead, use of mosquito repellent on all exposed skin is recommended, as is staying inside at dawn and dusk, wearing long sleeved, loose clothing, ensuring that screens are on windows and doors, and using mosquito nets and fans when sleeping.

Mosquito larvae breeding can be discouraged by regular inspection of your garden area, removal of any standing water sources that are not regularly flushed or refreshed, keeping caps on your septic tank inspection ports, and maintaining swimming pools.

Interested community members can become involved in the citizen science Mozzie Monitors public health initiative.

This works alongside a NSW Health state-wide Mosquito Arbovirus Surveillance Program that runs each year in partnership with local government.

Go to the Mozzie Monitors website by clicking on this link:

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