ABA Summer of 2019/20 survey

The Summer of 2019/20 was terribly difficult for so many across Australia, particularly the most vulnerable groups such as parents & caregivers with infants and young children. Many families had to evacuate with babies and young children with little preparation and warning. Many evacuation centres were not equipped to adequately and safely support families with young infants. In Mallacoota, babies were the last to be evacuated. We want to hear about your experience, so we can address the gaps and develop better planning for future disasters.

Were you a parent or caregiver and had to evacuate or were cut off during the Black Summer Bushfires?

Were you an emergency responder during the Black Summer bushfires?

If YES to either question, please help make sure infants and children are better protected should another bushfire or emergency occur by completing the online survey of your experience.