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Bay Bushwalkers: Venture to Bolaro Mountain

Above: Twelve members of Batemans Bay bushwalkers enjoy the views from Bolaro Mountain top.

There was frost in the air as 12 Batemans Bay bushwalkers set out early to traverse the top ridge of Bolaro Mountain south-west of Nelligen. There was crunchy white frost on the grass at Bolaro Homestead on Haans Road deep in Buckenbowra State Forest as the group headed north along a fire trail to be rewarded by magnificently clear views from the ridge summit. To the north were views of Pidgeon House and the Castle, whilst to the east the ocean sparkled.

The trees in the area had recently been logged but, walkers were pleased to see there remained many magnificent specimens of Mountain White Ash amongst the mossy covered granite boulders. Lyre birds and Black Cockatoo calls were heard but the birds remained elusive. Wild raspberries {Rubus Rosifolia} provided the group with bush tucker, while lower down the slopes stinging trees warned walkers not to stray too far off road. The route down hill followed an old convict constructed track, which once linked with The Corn Trail to act as a key means of transporting grains from the Buckenbowra farming area to the goldfields around Braidwood.

After a long descent, the walk ended with a pleasant tramp through pastures in the valley, where a herd of lively Herefords seemed to expect hikers to deliver them food. The 15 kilometre trek certainly had had many highlights.

**** This article first appeared on the Batemans Bay Bushwalking website

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