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A Game Changer for the Bay CBD

A Community driven proposal and vision has been developed which goes beyond the narrow scope of landscaping, carparks and works recently release and instead recommends the installation of 200 meters of floating pontoon parallel to Clyde Street in the Bay’s CBD.

Image from: Batemans Bay Boaters Association

This extended vision, beyond the "boundaries" that had been set up for the Batemans Bay Foreshore Committee will according to the recently released Game Changer for the Bay CBD document "improve the access to and from the water, rejuvenate and reactivate this area." The document says of the pontoon "It is downstream of the new bridge adjacent to the proposed viewing platform at the site of the old bridge. These pontoons extend toward the Promenade and give extra capacity for all form of vessels, cruise ship tenders, ferries, kayaks, fishing charters, visiting yachts and even seaplanes for scenic tours." Harry Watson Smith of the Batemans Bay Boaters Association said "This goes much further than the John Holland’s proposed two pontoons but builds on the work that they have committed to. It moves the focus further into the CBD to the Promenade and address the issue of Clyde Street becoming a dead-end road." "It is recommended that the current concrete T-Wharf be modified and the end section removed to allow a movable on-ramp to extend from the shore to the floating pontoons secured to the sea-bed via integrated vertical piles. The pontoons will be 4 meters wide and run parallel to the shore right down to the start of the Promenade walkway. There will be a wide break in the middle so boats, kayaks and canoes may travel inside the pontoons and come alongside at any state of the tide. The second on-ramp will be at the Ampol wharf – outside the Starfish Deli to give access to the downstream section." Mr Watson Smith said "A secondary site specifically designed for smaller vessels and particularly seaplanes will be constructed at the current Mara Mia Walkway Pier viewing platform down stream from the start of the Promenade. "The pontoons are not only a marine infrastructure but a nucleus, in fact a Game Changer, for further business development, entertainment opportunities and information dissemination. This could become the hub for an all year round tourist location looking towards the water and Bay and not to the car parks and concrete. "The proposal could be funded partly from Dept. of Lands and Dept. of Transport – Maritime Boating Licence fees and other sources but could be the nucleus for further initiatives consistent with a number of Strategies and Action Plans adopted and proposed by the Shire and other bodies for the South Coast. As a member of the now disbanded Batemans Bay Foreshore Committee Mr Watson Smith said "This proposal goes much further than the current suggestion in that it enhances the water land interface, provides increased capacity and improves access to the CBD for the boating and on-water community. It is designed for safety, functionality and disability access. "It will provide a catalyst for the activation and revitalisation of the area and bringing tourist and local expedition based activities right in to the heart of the Bay with: * Facilities for Cruise Ship tenders * Ferry rides up the Clyde * Oyster information tours to leases * Bird observation tours * Fishing trips * Sail the Bay excursions * Seaplane scenic flights locally or further afield * Kayak and canoe hire offerings * Revitalise the on-land area via pop-up activities such as music events, produce markets, art displays and fishing demos and displays.

Above: Should the Crown lease on the Boatshed lapse the foreshore would then return to being open along its length to the community. An original idea of converting the toilet block into a much needed Information Kiosk adjacent to the interstate bus stand could then be pursued.

"The document proposes a primary and secondary site, gives the parameters and estimated costs of the structure and the installation. It answers many of the questions encountered while developing it. The justification to do something in this area is widespread and has been included in many other documents. The next step is to get acceptance and funding." Go to the Associations Blog for further details.

NOTE: Comments were TRIALED - in the end it failed as humans will be humans and it turned into a pile of merde; only contributed to by just a handful who did little to add to the conversation of the issue at hand. Anyone who would like to contribute an opinion are encouraged to send in a Letter to the Editor where it might be considered for publication

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