Council says NO to Proposed closure of access from Princes Highway into Centenary Drive At Narooma

As a matter of Urgent Business Eurobodalla Councillor Phil Constable has requested that Council make representation to the RMS and advise them to rethink their proposal to ban right and left turns from the Princes Highway by extending the guardrail across one lane of Centenary Drive is designed to improve safety for road users and reduce the likelihood of crashes at the intersection. Council will be arguing that what is required is not a reactive bandaid treatment to the problem but a well thought out solution that will not add impact to the Dalmeny Drive intersection that will be impacted by the proposed RMS actions. In light of the focus on the Princes Highway from both the State and Federal government with a move to duplicate the highway and have it open up to regional transport it is considered that the bandaid treatment of this intersection indicates that the RMS has not looked at the bigger picture of the future life of the Narooma Bridge and of the bypass of Narooma that has, as yet, not come to the table for discussion at any level.

The RMS justify their decision by saying “In the five years to October 2016, there were 11 crashes at this intersection resulting in three serious injuries and seven casualties,” the spokesperson said.

“Limited sight distance at this location increases the risk associated with making a safe turn at the intersection and was assessed as one of the contributing factors in a number of the crashes.”

Their spokesperson said "the extension of the guardrail aims to reduce the risk of head on collisions and runoff road crashes."

“Left turn only will be permitted from Centenary Drive southbound onto the Princes Highway,” the spokesperson said.

“Motorists wishing to access Centenary Drive will be able to turn right at Dalmeny Drive, which is around one kilometre north and has a dedicated right turn lane.

“Work at this intersection would also involve the installation of new signage and new double line marking would also be carried through at this location.”

Roads and Maritime is requesting feedback on the proposed changes by Monday 8 July and will continue to consult with the community as the planning process proceeds.

For more information or to leave feedback on the proposal with the RMS email or call (02) 4221 2728.

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