Over a year out and there is already movement - Lost a manifest?

The Beagle Editor, It was interesting to learn during last week's Council meeting that Labor might run its own candidates against what is quickly building to be a Liberal faction as clearly revealed by the recent actions of the Mayor and some of her councillors. The Mayor's outburst on social media yesterday was also revealing of Council's opinion of Greens when she said "there is no doubt in my mind that the extreme greens are going to try very hard to get control of council. I stand in their way and always will!" With Liberals, Labor and Greens standing along with Independents it would not be at all surprising to see some new groups also make themselves known. Interestingly then is this manifesto that was left lying conspicuously (accidentally?) on a table in a local Moruya coffee shop. Does anybody know who may have dropped this document?

“Curious” Tungin Cheak Creek name and address supplied


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