Mayor suspects extreme Greens are out to get control of Council

In an unexpected revelation for the Mayor of Eurobodalla, Liz Innes , who was elected to represent the whole of the community, stated today on a social media website that "there is no doubt in my mind that the extreme greens are going to try very hard to get control of council. I stand in their way and always will!" This outburst was in relation to the current Draft Rural Lands Strategy that has seen six State Government agencies offer submissions that do not endorse the Mayor or her planning department. It is understood that, on a recent visit to the NSW Minister there was surprise at the make-up of the committee that oversaw the Strategy. A commentor on social media today said "Poor Liz our Mayor - she would have run into so many hurdles put in her path all along the way. Maybe The Green People, maybe - the Coast Watchers - they could still be lobbying to get it their way??" There is little doubt that there are many more than "The Green People, maybe - the Coast Watchers" including her own Greens Councillor Pat McGinlay who are challenging the Mayor and her council around the Rural Lands Strategy, their Green Energy portfolio and their overall attitude to Climate Change. Of interest is that the Mayor and her closest cohorts have recently been in Sydney to meet those in NSW Planning who will eventually sign off on the Eurobodalla Rural Lands Strategy however, what ever they discussed, what every they learnt is being kept close to the chest.

Above: Nanu Nanu - The Mayor appears fearful of extreme Greens who "are going to try very hard to get control of council."

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