Out of hours work planned on Batemans Bay Bridge,

Roads and Maritime Services are set to carry out night work for routine inspections of the Batemans Bay bridge this coming Monday. They will be working between 8pm and 3am on Monday 17 June, weather permitting, to minimise impact to motorists

They will be carrying out routine work on Batemans Bay Bridge to inspect the bridge’s structure and carry out weight limit testing. This will involve the use of equipment such as hand tools, temporary lighting, small lifting equipment and light vehicles.

There may be light noise associated with this work. To reduce these impacts, the noisiest activities will be carried out early in the evening and machinery will operate as far away as possible from nearby residents. They advise they will also switch off machinery and vehicles when not in use. Temporary lane closures, traffic control and a reduced speed limit of 40 km/h will be in place for the safety of workers and motorists. This work may affect travel times by up to five minutes.

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