Sculpture For Clyde sculptures settle into their new locations

The two latest acquisitions for Sculpture For Clyde are now in place on Beach Road and under lights at night.

You will find ‘Dance’ (on the point, to the West of the Marina) and ‘Portal’ (opposite the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club).


Above: The winner of last years Student Sculpture - Amanda Mohr - opening Portal - pictured alongside Chamber president @davidmaclaughlin @alisonmiers @sculptor_john_fitzmaurice - photo credit @amystarlingphotography


2018’s ‘Sculpture for Clyde’ event, and the incredible generosity of the local community, enabled the acquisition of 3 public works sculptures to be positioned in Batemans Bay.

Jesse Graham’s much celebrated octopus, “Buoyansea” (below), and recently the very popular “Pelicant”, also by Jesse Graham, are also now proudly displayed in Batemans Bay.

Sculpture For Clyde Organisers say "This permanent sculpture walk is the real driver behind the event. We are thrilled to be helping create a legacy for locals and visitors to Batemans Bay, with an outdoor art gallery open every day and night of the year!"

Listen to the excellent interview with Kimmi of 2EC and Batemans Bay Chamber President David David Maclachlan as they discuss the opening, the hurdles and the future of the Sculpture For Clyde event.

AUDIO: Kimmi of 2EC with David David Maclachlan of the Bay Chamber - LISTEN HERE

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