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Gilmore: Mundine reveals his How to Vote

Warren Mundine has revealed his How to Vote ahead of the pre-poll booths opening in the Eurobodalla next Monday True to their word Warren is encouraging a voters to give their first preferences to the United Australia Party in the Senate however at a local level he is giving his Number 2 to the Nationals and putting United Australia Party candidate Milton Leslight 3rd. Of interest is to see his next choice being Serah Kolukulapally Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) over Grant Schultz. This choice smacks of vindictiveness and bad blood that appears to remain after Mr Mundine was parachuted into Gilmore under a 'captains call' by Scott Morrison and the locally endorsed Liberal party elected candidate, Grant Schultz, was replaced. So who is Serah Kolukulapally ? A web search reveals very little if anything of the candidate. The ABC Australia Votes appears to have no idea either and simply lists her as a candidate without a photo offering a link to the CDP website where there is no mention at all of Ms Kolukulapally. The Beagle caught up with Ms Kolukulapally and requested a biography (below) and photo so that the Gilmore electorate (and Mr Mundine) might learn more of the CDP candidate.

I am a Christian, married and a mother of three children. A small business owner. Born in India, I have called Australia home for more than two decades, frankly a better place in the world. I received Bachelors of Information Technology from Central Queensland University and a Diploma in Civil Engineering from India. A customer service professional in various capacities in Australia I have a heart and a deep desire to serve Australia and its people, and I am excited about serving people of Gilmore. A member of Christian Democratic Party and a candidate for Electorate of Gilmore. In contacting the Christian Democratic Party they were unable to explain why they had not put up the profile of their Gilmore Candidate nor would they confirm if Ms Kolukulapally lived in Gilmore. The Beagle can confirm that Ms Kolukulapally currently lives in Bankstown where she runs a Christian Travel Agency. Mr Mundine might not have been on his own when he jumped out of the plane into Gilmore.

The other How to Vote papers will be published when they come available.

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