Phillips remains open to 50m pool if that is what the community wish to lobby for and secure

Shadow Minister for Regional Services Stephen Jones and Labor’s Candidate for Gilmore Fiona Phillips met with Batemans Bay Indoor Aquatic Centre committee members last week to announce Labor's commitment of $25m towards the Batemans Bay Aquatic, Arts and Leisure Centre if a Labor Federal Government is elected. "This matches the pledge from Gilmore Coalition MP Ann Sudmalis made in October 2018, subject to the council’s business plan being accepted." said Ms Phillips She advised "For anyone making comments about a 50m pool. A 50m pool would be ideal. However, Council will not budge on that. I would say that this project going ahead does not preclude the community lobbying Council for a 50m outdoor pool." Much to the disappointment of her fellow Councillors the Liz Innes prematurely announced in a media release yesterday (Feb 19th) (without consultation with her councillors) a definitive statement that “We intend to deliver a centre with a 25 metre, 10 lane indoor pool, a warm water therapy pool, learn to swim pool, water slides and a splash pad for the kids. There’ll (There will) be a café and fitness areas, and on the arts side, we’ll (we will) have a 350-seat theatre, dance and rehearsal studios and community meeting rooms to complete the centre. It is of concern that such a statement comes only days after the public survey closed asking the community for their feedback on three concept plans on display and asking what facilities the community wanted and feedback on each component.

Above: Carolyn Harding (left) of BBIACC with Shadow Minister for Regional Services Stephen Jones and Labor’s Candidate for Gilmore Fiona Phillips Batemans Bay Indoor Aquatic Centre committee have provided the following in relation to perceived inaccuracies in Peter Coggan’s Report on the recent BBIACC Meeting.

At the meeting:

  1. Heading –the only mention of water polo was that it was currently being played at the BB pool and players had suggested it be considered in the concepts.

  2. There were 15 people in attendance, not 10.

  3. The aim of the meeting was to allow people to view the 3 concept plans, and ask Lindsay Usher questions which may help them in completing surveys, which all present were encouraged to submit. There was no mention of “as many as they liked”.

  4. “Breakdown in the meeting” and “appearing to field only questions called out by the 7 Batemans Bay Indoor Aquatic members present often at the same time” - this probably refers to the part of the meeting where the chairperson handed over to Lindsay Usher to answer questions from the floor. Although people were keen to ask their questions, and, in their enthusiasm, occasionally started to speak over each other, the meeting did not get out of control at any stage, and Lindsay also allowed everyone, including Peter, and one of the other FFBB50m people, to ask questions and replied to them all.

  5. Fortunately, most of the content of the next paragraph was removed by the Beagle editor by request of the person referred to.

  6. “smug response” and “BBIA member yelling across the room”- there was no yelling.

  7. “costings from …………….20% higher as costs are escalating”. The 20% higher referred to costs of a previous project worked on by one of the surveyors involved in the current project and had nothing to do with costs of this project.

  8. What is the connection between costs of building a school in Canberra and the Arts/Aquatic Centre at Batemans Bay?

  9. The reason the 50 m pool is staying open longer than previously proposed is so that EVERYONE will benefit, not just so that the school carnivals can be held in the 50m pool – in fact the proposed closing date is before the school term resumes, so before the carnivals are generally held.

  10. “added to the cacophony by calling out across the room” – exaggeration which appears designed to ridicule.

  11. “only feel safe……..25m for B Bay” – what she said was that children had said they would be more likely to participate in a carnival if it was held in a 25m pool, rather than a 50m one, which they found intimidating!

  12. “they’ll learn to swim by using the waterslide!” – what was actually said was that children could be introduced to the centre by having fun on the waterslide, and gradually move on to the pool to learn to swim.

  13. “But on the plans the waterslide……..for all year round use - The learn to swim pool is outside and covered in concepts A and C, and INDOORS in Concept B. Remember these are CONCEPT plans prepared for feedback comments.

  14. “Interestingly Director Usher said that……..water polo pool.” – there was no mention of International.

Your comments.

Some of your assertions regarding BBIACC members are inaccurate, extremely insulting, and, in some cases, defamatory.

eg. “I learnt later that the real reason BBIACC changed to support a 25m pool was fear! Yes fear of getting nothing ie. “take what Council is giving or you will get nothing!”

So that’s what they did.

They sold out the swimming club & all Olympic pool swimmers forever.

The Council have stealthfully intimidated them & even coerced them to take up the war against FFBB50m Pool Group”.

Peter, please read that over- this could be perceived as defamatory.

In Summary

Members of BBIACC are entitled to have opinions as, I presume, are those of FFBB50m.

Many, if not all, members of BBIACC would still like a 50m pool, but have been working towards a centre that is INDOORS, HEATED, OPEN ALL YEAR and catering for people of ALL AGES and ABILITIES. Choosing between a 50m pool and loss or reduction of some of the other water components was a difficult, but necessary compromise.

Bay Indoor Batemans Aquatic Centre Inc

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