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Heavy traffic heading north Jan 2nd

Batemans Bay Princes Hwy and Kings Hwy approaching Batemans Bay HOLIDAY TRAFFIC Heavy traffic conditions. Advice:Allow extra travel time

Above: Source Live Traffic

Moruya With traffic grinding to its annual summer standstill in Moruya and queues going back as far as Bergalia Street in the south of the town it is inevitable that locals and visitors alike look for their own Moruya By-Pass that takes them around the highschool, the golf course, the churches to then come back to Moruya at the lights ..... this is what it looks like (video by Tony Jaggers)

The RMS and Council along with SEATS have all admitted that they have no vision in the next twenty years to do anything about the traffic that rumbles through the town or comes to a grinding halt over summer as numbers increase.

Meanwhile Council is planning to limit the "rat-race by-pass" from the bridge through Shore and Ford Street from 50km to 40km and place on it a constraint that only trucks with a neighbourhood pass delivering to Woolies, IGA Harrisons etc can use that route.

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