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Hands Up to Help local High school students to win $500

Baby Boomers from across the Eurobodalla are raising their hands to help local high school students eager to win a $500 prize.

Students who were in last year’s Years 10 ,11 and 12 have the chance of winning $500, or one of six other prizes, for writing an essay on ‘Growing Up in the 1950s and 1960s’, and local Baby Boomers have demonstrated their willingness to share memories of their teenage years with those wishing to participate.

The competition is being run by the South Coast History Society. Prize money has been contributed by the Society and books for runners-up have been donated by the National Library of Australia.

“Things are enormously different today, compared to just 50 years ago,” Peter Lacey the President of the Society Coast History Society said. “So today’s kids will, undoubtedly, be astounded to learn of many of the differences, and they should have a lot of fun researching and writing about the 1950s and 1960s.”

“The research they have to undertake should be dead easy. Just ask any ‘Baby Boomer’ (now probably aged in their late 60s or 70s) to tell you about their teenage years, and you’ll discover they are more than delighted to do so!”

“And, what a fabulously interesting school holidays challenge this could turn out to be!” Peter added.

Competition entries must be submitted by 14th February - “a date that Baby Boomers will know well, and not just because it is Valentine’s Day!” Mr Lacey suggests – and the competition is only open to 2018’s Years 10, 11 or 12 students and who attended school in or live in either the Eurobodalla or Bega Valley Shires.

“So, with these restrictions, those who do enter will have a very good chance of bagging a prize,” Mr Lacey said.

Further details about the competition are available by emailing or by calling 0448 160 852.

Eurobodalla ‘Baby Boomers’ shared some of their teenager memories at a recent ‘Talking History’ morning tea at Batemans Bay Library that was organized by the South Coast History Society.

“This just underlined how different things are today compared to back then, so we’re really looking forward to learning from this competition which of the changes that have occurred have most intrigued today’s young people.”

“I suspect their take on what are the most significant things that have changed could be totally different to the views of many Baby Boomers about the changes that have occurred,” Peter suggested.

The South Coast History Society plans to print some of the winning entries in a future issue of their free South Coast history magazine, ‘Recollections’, so the chance to also become a ‘published author’ through this competition should be an added incentive to those who are thinking of participating.

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