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A timely reminder to watch out for our wildlife on the roads

As our roads are about to be flooded with holiday makers and the annual crawl south begins animal rescue groups are issuing a timely reminder on how to reduce roadkill. Below you will also find ACT and Southern wildlife rescue organisations details, most of whom operate 24/7 rescue numbers.

Please help reduce roadkill by:

  • Never throwing food or any litter out of your car, it attracts animals/birds to roadsides and also is illegal so can attract a fine

  • Keeping your car windows clean and clear, as this gives you the best chance of spotting an animal in time to take evasive action

  • Driving slower especially from dusk to dawn and around corners

If you do hit any native wildlife:

  • Please stop but only if it is safe to do so, do not put anyone including your pets, in a position of danger or risk of injury

  • If you hit a female marsupial check the pouch or nearby for joeys

Before you jump in your car to hit the road put the local wildlife organisation rescue number into your mobile contacts and please ring them sooner rather than later, as injured and orphaned wildlife need special treatment. You can also visit for the contact details of all ACT & NSW wildlife rescue organisations

ACT and Southern NSW wildlife rescue organisations and numbers are:

Australian Seabird Rescue

South Coast Branch ~ Wollongong to Narooma

0431 282 238

Native Animal Rescue Group (NARG)


02 4846 1900

Organisation for the Rescue and Research of Cetaceans (ORRCA)

All coastal NSW

02 9415 3333

Saving Our Native Animals (SONA)

Southern NSW, around the areas of Batlow and Tumbarumba

02 6946 2222

Snowy Mountains Wildlife Rescue (LAOKO)

Southern NSW - Snowy Mountains to VIC border

02 6456 1313

Wildcare Queanbeyan

to Southern NSW, excluding coast and inland to Young area

02 6299 1966

Wildlife Rescue South Coast

NSW coast south of Wollongong 0418 427 214

NSW coast Batemans Bay to Victorian border

0417 238 921

WIRES (Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service)

Branches throughout NSW

1300 094 737 (13 000 WIRES)

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