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Greens: Liberals and Shooters Party join forces to oppose bill to hold Forestry corporation to accou

In a media release issued today Greens MP and Forest spokesperson, Dawn Walker MP has criticised the NSW Government for failing to support her Forestry Amendment Bill that would have restored the public’s ability to enforce breaches of forestry regulations.

“It’s appalling that the NSW Liberal-National Government have teamed up with the Shooters Party to oppose a bill that would have restored the rights of community members to take legal action when they observe reckless and devastating breaches of forestry laws by NSW Forestry Corporation and their contractors.

“State-owned corporations should to be held to the same standard as everyone else, yet we know that Forestry Corporation continues to breach environmental laws and they are not being accountable by the under-resourced Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

“A culture of non-compliance and continuing evidence of breaches by Forestry Corporation make it clear that the current safeguards are not working. Laws are not being enforced and when they are breached, there is little or no consequence for Forestry Corporation.

“Community surveys consistently report a number of breaches in Forest Corporation’s logging operations, including logging in exclusion zones, reckless damage of hollow-bearing and illegal logging around streams.

“Community members are frustrated as they see these environments on state land illegally logged, rules disregarded and they remain powerless to to do anything about it.

“The Government claims that the current enforcement arrangements provide rigorous protection of our public forests, but I’ve seen first-hand the damage being done.

“This Government has failed the community when it comes to guardianship of our public natural resources and it continues to fail them by refusing to adequately regulate Forestry Corporation.

“NSW is the only state that prohibits individuals and community groups from taking legal action in regards to native forestry operations. Denying the community a voice in ensuring forestry laws are upheld shows that this Government has no commitment to the environment or democracy.

“The Greens’ amendments the NSW Forestry Act through the Forestry Amendment (Public Enforcement Rights) Bill 2017 would have helped restore the public enforcement rights to our public native forests, but once again this Government has chosen to back loggers over the community and environment” said Dawn Walker MP.

Debris left on the forest floor by last weeks logging works at Corunna. Such debris has been scientifically proven increase in bushfire risk. The Vic Govt was told this by Prof David Lindemayer in his submission to the Royal Commission into the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires. The increased risk has been identified in submissions to the NSW RFA renewals stating that FCNSW logging operations are putting communities at risk.

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