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Spring has sprung early for local Wires volunteers with a bevy of newcomers

Spring has sprung early for local Wires volunteers with a bevy of animals, young and old, coming into care recently. The unseasonably warm weather is triggering breeding and birthing season early for many of our native wildlife. Baby birds started coming in especially early this year, at the end of July. A few ring-tail possum joeys have come into care with their mother’s fate unknown as they were found alone, hungry and scared. Baby kangaroos and wallabies have been coming in by the drove as mothers venture closer to the roads in order to eat nourishing green grass in order to supply milk for their growing pouches young. August also marks the beginning of echidna breeding season so the males are looking for females and more likely to encounter a vehicle on the roads as they wander around their territory searching for a female scent to follow. Adult birds and older animals are also being affected by the lack of food at this normally hard time of year, winter, which is made especially harsh with the lack of rain. These animals are normally malnourished and unable to forage for themselves due to their weakened state. WIRES encourages motorist that hit a kangaroo or wallaby, if it’s safe to do so, please check the animal is deceased and if it has pouches young. Joeys can remain uninjured and alive in a pouch for a number of days.

Above: 2N who was rescued from his mother’s pouch after she was chased by dogs and got caught up in fencing. Photo: Sandy Collins.

Above: Thubbo, a baby Ring Tail possum was found in tree in Malua Bay all alone. Photos: Sandy Collins.

Above: Swamp wallaby joey collected from dead mother’s pouch in Tomakin after MVA Photo: Sandy Collins. Also if you find a weak small to medium sized animal, please contain it if you can. Large animals like kangaroos, please keep your distance and note the location of the animal. Then call the WIRES hotline on 1300 094 737

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