Andrew Bain: Petition to save the last area of remnant bush in Broulee Village

Petition to save the last area of remnant bush in Broulee Village Presented to Eurobodalla Council during Public Forum by Andrew Bain of Broulee during the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 31 July 2018

My name is Andrew Bain, a resident of Broulee and Vice President of the Broulee Mossy Point Community Association.

It is very important to the Broulee Community to save most of the remnant Bush at Captain Oldrey Park. This is why the petition has been lodged. We ask that the Council give serious consideration to the Community's wishes.

The Village and rural atmosphere of Broulee has been decimated by extensive housing development with no significant reservation of natural green space. As small blocks are developed and large blocks subdivided soon the only treed green space will be on public land.

The area of Bangalay forest within and adjacent to adjacent to Captain Oldrey Park represents a last opportunity to save some quality green space for future generations in Broulee. This area should be treated as a prize asset for Broulee, for the wider community and for future generations.

There is now recognition of the value of treed green space to community welfare. Bangalay sand forest is an endangered ecological community, there is not much left. It is rich in biodiversity —plants, animals and birds. There are 3 schools within easy walking distance of this bushland — a wonderful place to help students understand biological science in a relaxed and interesting way. Local schools strongly support its preservation. We were disappointed that there was nothing in the Recreation and Open Space Strategy (ROSS Report) that recognizes that the bushland at Captain Oldrey Park has any value whatsoever. I this regard the report was a poor study.

The ROSS Report recommended additional netball courts, an additional football oval and car parking for Captain Oldery Park. The latest Recreation Matters Newsletter makes no mention of an oval but notes that the draft Masterplan for Captain Oldery Park will recommend two new netball courts, upgrades to the building and improved access and Parking. We have taken the absence of the oval to be a response to community concerns and would like to congratulate council staff on responding in this way.

The Mayor was kind enough to attend a recent meeting of the Community Association. She suggested that the Association prepare some alternative suggestions. There is a sub-Committee working on this now. It will include parking improvement and the development of some structural facilities within the park with the focus of integrating this with the preservation of bushland. They will also make suggestions on how the remnant bushland can be best used. They are working with the community and with local schools to achieve this outcome.

We do not see the area as being isolated from people, rather in the future we would see paths and other encouragement for the community to enter to relax, to learn and to admire. A place for older residents to enjoy and children to learn and play. A place of great day to day value for the village and for the region.

Shire officers have committed to have further consultation with the Community Association before the Masterplan for Captain Oldrey Park is released for public comment in late August or early September. We look forward to these discussions.

Finally it should be clear that we are not anti-sport , particularly children's competitive sport but believe there are alternatives within the Shire that do not require the wholesale destruction of bushland that is of great importance to the Community.

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