The Better Bag Guide

Questions folks ask:

What can I use instead of plastic bags when I go shopping?

  1. Take reusable bags to the shops – for example Hessian bags, green woven bags, insulated cooler bags, homemade bags.

  2. Use a cardboard box, a paper bag, load up your pram or bike basket or put the contents of your trolley straight into your car

How am I going to remember to bring my shopping bag?

1. Put your bags with your wallet – you can’t go shopping without your wallet

2. Put your bags with your car keys if you drive to the shops

3. Put your bags back into your car as soon as you unpack them

4. Write bags on top of your shopping list

5. Prepare for the unexpected shop – carry one or two fold-able bags in your handbag, backpack, pram/pusher or bike basket

What if I forget my bags?

  1. Some retailers may provide cardboard boxes that you can take your shopping home in

  2. If you only have a few items; do you really need a bag?

  3. Fill your trolley with the groceries and wheel them out to your car

  4. Most retailers will have reusable bags for sale

  5. Some shops in town have a bin with ‘Boomerang Bags’ – you can borrow and then return – and it doesn’t have to be taken back to the original bin

Can I still use the plastic bags without handles for fruit and vegetables?

  1. Yes you can, but consider using mesh/net bags

  2. Do you really need to put an avocado, or a capsicum etc in a bag?

What am I going to use to line my kitchen garbage bin?

  1. Purpose made bin liners will still be available, but consider using newspaper to line your bin or simply wash your bin after emptying it

  2. If you don’t have a compost bin, you can wrap your organic waste in newspaper and put into the freezer until bin day

  3. Soft plastics can be returned to the purpose bin in Woolworths for recycling

Why is this happening?

Lightweight plastic bags get caught in the wind thus littering streets, parks and waterways. When they enter the ocean they endanger wildlife. Plastic bags breakup into small fragments (micro plastics) and can be ingested by marine and land animals, entering the human food chain.

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