Movement - from Narooma Camera Club - June 2018

Our fifth meeting for the year was held on 19th June 2018 Our Digital completion went off well with a good number of digital prints submitted for the month. There were not as many digital prints as last month but we still had enough for the competition in prints. There were Digital Images from 19 of our 25 members which is a good number of entries. Printed photo - Set subject:  Gold award – Peter Robinson – Airborne  Silver award – Ally Aitken – Busy Bee

Printed photo – Open subject:  Gold award – Brian Gunter – Spencer Creek.  Silver award – Ally Aitken – Tiger Stare

The Digital Competition results were as follows: Digital Div. A – Set subject:  Gold award – Russell Beckman – What goes round  Gold award – Shirley Gunter – To the rescue  Silver award – Wendy Fisk - Red Dust  Silver award – Debbie Flynn – Kilted Heavyweight  Silver award – Michelle Merry – Movement, Movement, Everywhere  Silver award – Brian Gunter - Wand Dance

Digital Div. A – Open category:  Gold award – Brian Gunter – Snowy Mountains Nightscape  Silver award – Rosy Williams – Sunset Harbour  Silver award – Brian Gunter – Busker Poet

Digital Div. B – Set subject:  Gold award – Helen Watson – Splash  Silver award – Katherine Wagner – Twisting  Silver award – Brian Tilley – Beach Action

Digital Div. B – Open subject:  Gold award – Helen Watson – Last Rays  Silver award – Sue Lawson -Coloured Trunks  Silver award – Bronwyn Anne – Working Bee

The set subject for the night was “Movement” which was a pretty good subject to have and we found there were a lot of very different shots which made it hard for our judge Ivan Finlay. Our Open Subject in both grades also had some magnificent shots and as Ivan said it was hard to pick as there were so many good ones. We would also like to thank Ivan Finlay for Judging in our June competition and for his discussion afterwards, explaining just what judge’s look for in images they are judging and giving a quick display on how quickly a judge has to decide and what is the process. Thank you very much Ivan for the display of the prints you brought along too to show us examples. Another thanks to Ally Aitken for a short video she found on line for us to watch on photographing lightning and the printed material that the members collected on the night. Our subject for next month in July is nautical theme. There are great opportunities in this beautiful area where we live for taking photos with a nautical theme. Pictures of boats, parts of boats, oars, rigging and even a sailor or two.

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