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Greens: NSW Energy Minister Misses Opportunity To Fast-Track Zero Net Carbon Emissions Target To 204

The NSW Greens have called out the NSW Government for its lack of climate action after NSW Energy Minister Don Harwin told the NSW Upper House the State Government will not commit to fast-track its deadline for reaching zero net carbon emissions. In response to a question from NSW Greens climate spokesperson Justin Field on whether the Government would follow the ACT’s lead and bring forward the state’s net zero emissions target date to 2045, the Minister said there were no plans to change.

Earlier this week, the Act Government announced it will bring forward its zero net carbon emissions by five years to 2045. The ACT has also announced interim targets to reduce keeping carbon emissions:

· 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2020;

· 50-60 percent below 1990 levels by 2025;

· 65-75 percent below 1990 levels by 2030;

· 90-95 percent below 1990 levels by by 2040; and

· net zero emissions by 2045.

Climate spokesperson Justin Field said, “We’re living with climate disruption now, every day the NSW Government delays or under invests in reducing carbon emissions causes risk to people, communities and our environment. “The Greens are calling on Minister Don Harwin to follow the ACT’s lead and better it by fast-tracking the state’s net zero emissions target date to 2040. We also need interim targets that keep us on track for getting rid of carbon pollution entirely in NSW. “The Government is already falling behind on its commitment to net zero emissions with the State’s Climate Change fund underspent by more than $250 million and action plans to to drive energy efficiency and renewable energy projects more than a year behind schedule. “In this critical year before the State election, the Liberal/National Government needs to lift its ambition on climate action or move out of the way. “The Greens will be pushing to phase out coal mining and coal burning, invest in renewable energy and electrify our transport networks. We need to protect our precious native forests as essential carbon stores and to support biodiversity that is under increasing pressure from a warming climate. “We need to ensure our oceans, estuaries and coastal areas are healthy and resilient and able to mitigate the increasing impacts of rising sea levels and increasingly extreme weather.

“Bringing forward the zero net carbon emissions target to 2040 and committing to a legislated reduction timeline is an essential step towards protecting people and the environment we rely on into the future,” he said. Media Release

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