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Council votes against motion for letter to be sent calling for a ban on Animal Cruelty and the Live

In what should have been a proud moment in local government representation of its community turned into a pathetic 80% vote against the motion to: 1.Write to the Australian Government advocating to phase out the live export of cattle sheep, goats and any other animal for slaughter overseas. 2. Write to the Australian Government advocating to create an Independent Office of Animal Welfare. The Motion was put up by Councillor Pat McGinlay at the request of community members. In his presentation he accepted that "This is a Green's policy and (putting up such a motion) is one of the things I will do when I know there is massive support." The support he was referring to was that 80% of the nation's population surveyed wanted to see a ban called. Councillor Tait said that he wouldn't vote on it unless he had evidence before him that 51% of the Eurobodalla residents supported the ban adding that no-body had talked to him about the issue. Comments in the public gallery murmured that nobody bothers talking to Jack about anything. Jack then added "You've only heard from one side". Farmer and Councillor James Thompson, from his body language, appeared non-plussed by the topic observing that if there were deaths then the industry would be doing something to fix it as there is no money to be made in dead animals and they claim insurance. He added that it was not a local government matter. The total disinterest that Brown, Thomson and Tait had in the motion was evident during the four public presentations on the issue. When extension of time was called to be voted on each councillor refused to do so however McGinlay, Constable and Mayne did vote for the extension and fortunately on the day Deputy Mayor Mayne who many feel has a far different approach to Mayor Innes regarding community engagement was in the Chair and used his casting vote to allow speakers to continue. "Even though the Nature Coast logo is long gone when it suits a discussion they bring it up" Lindsay Brown At one point, during an emotive presentation during Public Forum on the live animal export issue Lindsay Brown picked up his mobile phone. This act was truely disrespectful and he was called out for it from the gallery with handclap to gain his attention. Later during the council meeting he called a Point of Clarification claiming he had been looking at an email sent by one of the speakers who had provided links for further reading. As to why Lindsay Brown would decide to do further reading of three suggested and very lengthy articles at that very point while he was meant to be showing courtesy, respect, empathy and an ear to information that might assist his vote is not known. [an aside to this is that he stated in his Point of Clarification that he wanted to read the article emailed to him by Peter Cormick however he was unable to do so as the Financial revue is behind a paywall like the Bay Post - here is the link (try it for yourself - Beaglers have not been able to replicate Mr Brown's "paywall") and you may well find it is NOT behind a paywall as he stated to the gallery - Verdict: a piss poor excuse and this councillor should be ashamed of his actions and his continued fascination with his mobile devices during council meetings - in the past he has been bought to task for his hands-on-it compulsion offering the excuse of texting a relative - some amuse that he may have had a dog, when he was a child, that ate his homework] Councillor Constable was in the main supportive of the motion however he had deliberations that in the end saw him vote against. These deliberations were on the wording of Point 1 that bought the session to a 10 minute adjournment so that further clarity could be added with the inclusion of live export of "cattle sheep, goats and any other animal for slaughter overseas" His main concern was that the matter should be deferred so that more discussion could take place with people in the industry, government agencies and the community adding "the nature of shutting down and industry is not in our reign" adding "if we disengage from the countries who engage in these practices we lose the opportunity to make change". The champion of the debate was Deputy Mayor Anthony Mayne who showed considerable acumen in the Chair throughout the entire council meeting. Mayne offered in closing the debate that "we are the voice of the community and we were elected to to speak for them" "Here we have a practice of Out-of-Sight Out-of-Mind that is highlighted today by insightful and passionate community members coming forward and asking us to represent them" "We have a voice. It might be a little voice on the South Coast of NSW but it is a voice. I will tell you who doesn't have a voice - it is the animals on those ships." "For heavens sake - this is Australia". "Let's get with the times. Make a change. Get in front of the curve" "What sort of country are we and what do we want to become?" "The Eurobodalla resident is much like the basic Aussie where 4 out of 5 say NO" McGinlay and Mayne voted YES and Brown, Tait, Thompson and Constable voted NO. Understandably the members of the gallery collectively called out SHAME, SHAME It did not go unnoticed that Brown said, a little while later how "disappointing it was that so much time was taken up talking about toilets (another issue that saw two speakers present) and animals and that there was no-one there to speak about Council's Delivery Plan". A snort was heard in the public gallery.

Above: During the meeting, following presentations from the public, Councillor Brown said "Even though the Nature Coast logo is long gone when it suits a discussion they bring it up" Maybe Councillor Brown might like to advise his tourism people to pull this image down from their website then.

Motion regarding Animal Cruelty and the Live Animal Export Industry Speaker: Fraser Paterson Councillors, Thank you for the opportunity to speak in support of Councillor McGinlay’s motion on Animal Cruelty and the Live Export Industry. My wife (Tracey) and I have been advocating for the phasing out of this industry for over 20 years. Let me say, this issue is NOT about attacking farmers and their livelihoods. This IS about showing compassion towards Australian animals. I’m sure that some of you are sitting there thinking, why is this topic on our agenda for today? We all know that very few businesses in the Eurobodalla would even be involved in the export of animals and fundamentally it is a Federal govt issue. Just because this isn’t happening in our own backyard doesn’t mean that we as individuals or groups, or you as a compassionate Council shouldn’t try to influence those that do have the ability to act. The recent Batman by-election and the proposed Adani coal mine in Qld is another example. The reality is that this footage is not an isolated incident. Most of the horrific footage has been the cruel treatment at their destination. BUT now we have been exposed to the even more horrific treatment on the way to their destination. My wife and I are personal friends with Dr Lynn Simpson who was a vet on 57 live export transportations out of Australia. She is also a whistle blower and she recounts stories where she was not able to humanely slaughter enough animals fast enough when inevitably the conditions became hopeless for many them. She recently addressed the Israeli Parliament on the inhumane conditions that confront these animals to destinations such as theirs. BUT, just last week yet another ship left WA. And here is the rub. It was reported that animals had already died from crush and they could not get to clean water, and the ship hadn’t even left the port. The company, even with all this publicity, had refused government officials on board to inspect conditions, until a warrant was issued. Imagine their condition now on the high seas on the way to Turkey. 3 weeks standing up, unable to lie down on a moving ship in open waters with inadequate ventilation, and inadequate access to food and unpolluted water, and then entering a northern hemisphere summer. We as a society seriously need to do better than this. Out of sight should not mean out of mind for these poor defenceless animals regardless of where they came from. And yet, we have the Live Export Industry describing these vessels as “floating cruise ships for animals”. So, what does that have to do with the Eurobodalla and why we are here today? 1. We need to do everything we can to put a stop to this industry and transition to the chilled meat industry. BUT, the current coalition government through Barnaby Joyce and now David Littleproud are proactively expanding the live export trade into countries that have: a. a history of poor animal welfare outcomes b. are located so far from Australia that the trip is unacceptably cruel from the outset 2. So, what will it take to change the Federal Government’s and the oppositions mind on this issue? ANSWER: PEOPLE POWER, plus other levels of govt such as state and local councils, ALL speaking up and continuing to speak up together. The Federal Government usually only has to wait for a new news story to pop up and distract everyone from the current issue. But it is our intention that THIS IS THE TIME to stop this industry, and we seek your support to be part of that. 3. Public polls indicate that 80% of Australians are in favour of ceasing the Live Export Industry. Last Saturday I participated in a Fairfax Media poll which was at 89.94%. And yes, I do not have a poll that relates specifically for the Eurobodalla, however, given that we are the “Nature Coast” and that probably few businesses in our area are affected by this industry (yet), then I am comfortable that we probably sit close to the Australian norm on this issue. So what harm is there for “The Nature Coast” Shire to publicly endorse the sentiment of probably around 80%+ of its constituents and send a message to those in the federal government who can make a change for the better? 4. I suppose, if this motion is not endorsed then yet again we will see elected officials voting against the sentiment of their constituents. In conclusion, just because there is a dollar to be made doesn’t make it right. I believe that the Live Export Trade is one of those industries which over time will be exposed as an industry that exploited helpless animals and exposed them to a cruelty that thrived because these animals were out of sight and therefore out of mind. The TV vision and this presentation mean they are now no longer out of your mind and this is your chance to take the high moral ground on a pathetic,greedy, cruel industry. This should be win win win win for the Eurobodalla Shire and really send a message that we are not only the “Nature Coast”, but a shire that shows compassion and are of high moral fibre from its residents and councillors alike. I implore you to support this motion if for no other reason than to make a symbolic statement to both the Eurobodalla residents and to the Federal Government to make them aware that other levels of government are watching them to show leadership on this issue. Thank you for listening. I encourage to also read the excellent presentations by: Peter Cormick: CLICK HERE

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