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If I had a minute with the Mayor: Coral Anderson Mayor, I would like to ask you about the Aquatic Centre – Mackay Park Precinct Development. Our local member, Minister Andrew Constance, stated publicly that ‘capital costs are not an issue’. You have said over and over again that the additional running costs for a 50m pool (over a 25m pool) are approximately $300,000 per annum. According to Gosford City Council, the annual running costs of its Peninsula Leisure Centre (which houses a 50m pool) is approximately $5million. Also according to Gosford City Council it is ‘not possible’ to determine the individual running costs of its 50m pool in its development. Mayor, how is it possible for you to then claim ‘additional’ running costs in your argument? I am advised by an experienced aquatic construction company that the difference between the costs of a 10 lane 25m pool and an 8 lane 50m pool are ‘negligible’ or ‘about the same’. I have asked you, as the mayor, to advise the community the construction/running costs of a 10 lane 25m pool compared to an 8 lane 50m pool. No answer to date. All of the relevant information in this matter has been forwarded to the councillors as well. No responses from them either. Why then does Council persist in its determination to deliver an amenity, with no valid argument to support its case, that the swimming community and arts/cultural community oppose? Mayor, is it pigheadedness, pride, ego or do you have some other agenda? Would you like to take a Minute with the Mayor? On April 18th, 2018 Eurobodalla Mayor Liz Innes launched her fortnightly column The local Bay Post headlined it as "Take a minute with the Mayor" The Beagle has invited its readers to "Take a minute with the Mayor" and submit what they would like to say to the Mayor in a minute. Unless you are a self professed speed reader like Councillor Lindsay Brown who apparently can read 6412 in 15 minutes most of us can only muster 300. So have a think and pen what you would like to say to the Mayor if you had a minute and email them to beagleweeklynews@gmail.com and if they are publishable we will do so. Rules: 1. As the Mayor is putting her name on her column it is expected that you put your name to your work as well. 2. Remember there is a wide audience of readers so keep it nice and respectable. 3. Play the position and not the person if you are making reference to Council staff eg. Director, GM... 4. Max 300 words We know council staff and councillors read The Beagle and there is little doubt that your 300 words will be read by the Mayor and maybe, just maybe, she might make reference to the issue you raise in her next Mayoral column.

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