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Presentation by John Low to Council Feb 27th regarding NATA oval

Firstly I wish to thank Council for their attention to previous requests & submissions with regard to both safety & general works requested by Narooma Dog Training Club.

Michelle & her collegues at the Narooma Works office have always attended to urgent works & passed on other submissions mentioned by NDTC to the respective departments at Council Chambers. Some examples:- gate repairs, bindi spraying, perimeter fencing, attention to signage etc.

In our following submission we have attached photos of the Nata Oval area which may assist the council’s committee to fully understand our anticipated successful requests. Many of our requests not only assist the NDTC but enable, locals, visitors, & organised rallies & events, that also use Nata Oval for community & other functions.

We understand that the Nata Oval is a 24/7 off leash dog area for NDTC members, locals, visitors, & particularly travellers who stop at the info centre & have the opportunity to let their dogs have a run in a safe environment.

As the Nata Oval is no longer used for organised sporting fixtures eg. Cricket, footy etc. The perimeter of the oval lends itself to several permanent seating & combined shade benches being installed, which is one of our major requests. Seating & shade on the south, east & west perimeters is non existent.

Unless patrons bring their own seating & shade umbrellas, which when struggling from the carpark with their dogs & gear, is in most cases near impossible.

Being able to sit on arrival at the oval, prepare & harness your dog would of course be a great advantage to all persons especially when the grass is damp. Many older people find it most difficult to kneel or sit at ground level. It not only applies to NDTC members but to all patrons using this facility, also assisting disabled persons.

Photos of seating & shade settings which are installed in other council parks in the Eurobodalla would be most satisfactory & in most cases relatively easily installed. Seating would only be applicable to the northern boundary as the trees provide permanent shade. As you are aware Nata Oval is also the drop off point for most coaches, i.e. the information centre. Caravans, motor homes, & coaches have designated parking zones to allow access & egress to the information centre & the oval.

Disabled parking is also allotted in the parking area, unfortunately there is currently no adequate seating or shaded areas on the oval or immediate environs.

It has also been suggested that suitable shade trees could be planted next to the proposed seating units.

The committee could also consider ramps instead of steps be installed at authorised dog beaches to enable easier access to these areas again catering for the disabled & elderly.

We believe that our proposals & requests are not cost prohibitive, relatively easily installed & provide a much needed asset to ensure a sensible & necessary upgrade to this high traffic venue being the Nata Oval, Narooma. I attended the Eurobodalla Show in 2018 & was impressed by the filtered water station opposite the craft pavilion.It enabled the public to fill their water containers with quality filtered drinking water. What a great innovation especially during such hot thirsty weather.Young people these days are particular when it comes to quality water. It would be great to see one installed at the back of the information centre. As a retired engineer & electrician, I would like to bring to your attention the power box located in the SE corner of the Nata Oval. Over the past years I have observed the hinged door swinging on two occasions. This board is fitted with 3 phase 415volt & 240 volt power outlets. If rain was to enter & saturate the board a hazardous situation may arise. Council on several occasions was notified by myself & on at least one occasion a padlock was fitted. On further examination I noticed the padlock was cut through with an angle grinder to gain access to the power board.I again reported to council & suggested a sign be placed on the door & that a key was available to authorised persons requiring power to hold their event.Alternatively the power should be isolated until the proper representations were made to council. It’s obviously not a daily requirement. Last but not least, the magnificent pathway now completed between Dalmeny & Narooma is a great asset for locals & visitors to tour area.Many people choose the path to walk their dogs on a leash. Bike riders also use this facility. Several close shaves have been reported when bike riders have speed up behind pedestrians with or without dogs.At Xmas especially the pathway receives heavy traffic, i.e. pedestrians, dogs, bikes, electric buggies etc. Children at times prove a hazard, no bells, too wobbly, too fast & often no helmets. It is virtually impossible to hear them coming up behind you & in most cases no bells or other warning. In Gladstone Queensland, signage warning cyclists of such hazards seem to have managed to achieve a good result. I certainly noticed major differences regarding etiquette , common sense & virtually “no” path rage.

We look forward to a positive response.

Thank you,

John Low

Narooma Dog Training Club.

P.S. Currently it’s a bit like having a big shiny community bus with out seating

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