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More Rural Job Losses

Thirty-seven Senior Field Officer Positions are being cut from the New South Wales Parks and Wildlife Service, according to Park Watch. The cut from 70 to just 37 experienced personnel is a result of yet another restructure imposed by the NSW Coalition Government.

Park Watch national parks spokesperson, Ross McKinney stated “That means another 33 people will be thrown on the unemployment scrap heap.”

“These highly skilled and experienced officers are critical to the state’s national parks and reserve system as they manage fire access, respond to bushfires, maintain walking tracks, picnic areas and campgrounds, conduct feral animal and weed control programs which also support neighbouring farmers, as well as helping park visitors” he added.

“In addition, these dedicated staff members, most of whom have families with children attending schools in their local rural communities, will now be forced to try and find employment elsewhere, forcing many to leave the communities they have come to call home. They contribute to the social fabric of their community, their hard-earned income supports local businesses, and they volunteer their time to help their local community” Mr McKinney said.

“Rural communities are already faced with enough trials and tribulations without having more jobs lost unnecessarily” he concluded.

Media Release for Park Watch


Park Watch: Who we are

Park Watch is comprised of a growing number of people who were formally employed as rangers, field officers, Aboriginal sites officers, communications/media, administration and specialist officers with the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS). Several members of the group went on to senior positions in other Australian national park services and international conservation agencies.

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