Update on the Durras Lake boat ramp amenities

In November Council sent letters to 87 residents of South Durras (effectively a 200m radius of the site) with notification of the proposed works, and seeking feedback from the local community. They advised that the new amenities will be constructed, as located on the Durras boat ramp and carparking plan, which was consulted with the local community in March-June 2017. They also advised that the new facility is designed to blend with the environment, minimise water and energy use, and will be constructed with robust materials to reduce the impact of vandalism on the public asset. The plans they provided offer a layout that includes 2 rooms, designed to comply with access for people with disabilities, a contained waste collection well (pumpout only), and a watertank for provision of cleaning services. Council WERE proposing to commence construction works in February of 2018, with completion within 10 weeks of commencement however Council are still progressing through aboriginal heritage assessments and the proposed works have been postponed until all permits have been received and consultation complete.