Snakes are moving into suburbia as their territory is impinged

Over the past year, local snake catchers have been predicting an influx in sightings of snakes With more residential subdivisions being developed, and with major earthworks intruding on their natural habitat, there are more misplaced snakes being spotted. As a result snake catchers services are becoming increasingly required within the community, with a marked increase this year of call-outs for snake removal from premises.

Some of the most affected new/current developments in the Batemans Bay area are; Blair's Road in Long Beach, Sunshine Bay and Bay Ridge Estate. These new estates have displacing numerous species of animals that now need to find a new places to live. Not surprisingly local residents are finding visitors in their yard. Local Snake Bloke Owen advises "You can be proactive and reduce the likelihood of an animal taking up residence by the following simple steps."

"Keep your yard tidy. By keeping the lawn mown, green waste and clutter off the ground, you are removing the possibility of a snake taking up residence. If you have rodents around your home, make sure that issue is taken care of."

"If you do happen to come across an unwanted visitor, we advise to bring children and pets away from the area, keep an eye on the animal from a safe distance and call a licenced local snake catcher."

"We also advise to learn correct first aid for snake bite and have a few compression bandages in your First Aid Kit."

In the event that you do have a snake that needs to be removed give The Snake Bloke a call. For Eurobodalla and surrounds phone 0402929951 and for the Shoalhaven ring 0481811855

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