RMS and drivers licence fiasco

Dear Beagle Editor, My wife recently had to renew her drivers licence. So she went into the RMS at Batemans Bay, had her photo taken and also requested a photo i.d. card. The RMS now issue the applicant with an interem drivers licence in the form of a slip of paper, pending the arrival of the photo licence/i.d in the mail. This apparently takes a max of 2 weeks to arrive in the mail. Well after the expiration of 2 weeks...nothing. So back to the RMS, to be advised that the items had been posted some time before. They had not arrived. So another set of photos taken and another slip of paper allowing her to drive was issued. To date her licence has not arrived in the mail. I have written to the RMS and complained about this....and guess what...not even the courtesy of a reply from them. I want to know what precautions the RMS have taken to make sure that a persons I.D has not be stolen and can be misused. They post these photo I.D's unsecured through the mail free of charge to the customer. How nice of them. If these photo licences are stolen or whatever happens to them, RMS is leaving itself open to litigation. I am angry that they are posted unsecured through the mail and also angry that they cannot even be bothered to contact me back after a written complaint to them. Do I have to physically go to the RMS Office and make a scene to have my concerns listened to and acted on because if I have to, I will. Name and address supplied

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