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Eurobodalla Photographic Club – last club meeting before Christmas

Tuesday 28th November was the last club meeting for the year at the Eurobodalla Photographic Club. The evening started with the General Meeting and then the Annual General Meeting where the new committee was elected:

The new committee for 2018 is: President Ken Foster, Vice president Ron Gash, Treasurer and Public Officer Phil Warburton, Competition Secretary Heath Barkley, Club Secretary Robyn Isaacson, committee members Jill Armstrong and Lisbeth Westra.

Our remote judge for the evening, Ben Eyles, judged the last competition for the year via YouTube. The competition subject was open and projected only. Winners was announced at the club Christmas Dinner on Saturday 2nd December which was held at the Gardens Cafe at the Eurobodalla Botanic Garden.

After the competition, club member Brian Gunter was in charge of a play with glow wands. Most club members had brought along their camera for a bit of fun. Lot of laughs was had as some members twirled the glow tubes and other members was lined up photographing the spectacle.

At the club Christmas Dinner on Saturday 2nd December, the winners of both the November competition but also the highest point score during the year was announced.

Rob Geraghty won the trophy for the Highest point score during the year, Dave Kemp got 2nd place and Brian Gunter got 3rd place.

Our November competition was a special edition with prizes for the winners. 1st prize was $100 which was donated by PerfEx (Batemans Bay Performance and Exhibition Centre Working Group Inc.)

1st prize went to Geoff McVeigh for his “Sunrise at Mossy Point”.

2nd prize was $80 from the club-kitty and went to Shirley Gunter for her “Cactus Flowers”

3rd prize was $50 also from the club’s kitty and went to Dave Kemp for his “Wrestling Match”

Above: Geoff McVeigh for his “Sunrise at Mossy Point”.

We had 4 Highly Commended receiving $25 each. They went to:

  • Colin Pass for his “Staithes village”

  • Ric Bannister for his “Spring Feeding”

  • Peter Vassallo for his “Sunset Over Poverty Beach” (below)

  • Brian Gunter for his “One Tree Hotel”

Our next meeting is Tuesday 23rd January 2018. Visitors are welcome.

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