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Please explain …………..

Dear Beagle Editor, Please explain …………..

Part of the audited financial statements being presented at the 28 November council meeting is “Special Schedule 7 – Report on Infrastructure Assets as at 30 June 2017”.

It says in part that the total required/actual maintenance costs for all of council’s swimming pool centres was $229,000. It also says the gross replacement cost for these assets is $5,134,000.

Can council please explain the mayor’s recent assertions that to extend the proposed 25 metre pool in the Mackay Park development to a 50 metre pool would cost an extra $6.5 million in building costs and annually, an extra $300,000 for maintenance?

How can an additional 25 metres cost more than the replacement cost of the existing three pool centres and how would the extra annual maintenance be greater than the combined annual maintenance costs of our three existing pools?

Jeff de Jager


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