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Gauntlet thrown down for Council to come clean on pool submissions

Dear Beagle Editor, Council often chooses to conveniently forget certain information. Just in case they forgot an article written by JOSH GIDNEY of the Bay Post last May had a photo of pool campaigners Jackie and Carolyn Harding, Batemans Bay Indoor Aquatic Centre president

Carolyn Harding was quoted as saying “As soon as we heard, we thought it was the prefect location for an aquatic centre

“There were 40 people at the meeting, the most since I have been president (the past four years).It was a very positive atmosphere and we were thrilled.”

The Bay Post ran a poll of its readers Do you support an indoor pool on the former Batemans Bay bowling club site?

YES 79.19% (118 votes)

NO 18.12% (27 votes)

UNDECIDED 2.68% (4 votes)

Carolyn Harding was also quoted as saying “People expressed very strong thoughts on the importance of a hydrotherapy pool to the centre, but that is not the only vital thing. People need to learn to swim, and we need to have lessons all year round.It needs to be used for fitness, and for the disabled, and for athletes.

In regards to the Bowling Club site Carolyn said “It can be seen from the road, there is public transport, it is close to the shopping centre and is large enough space to incorporate all the facilities we want." Editors NOTE: Tomorrow's edition of the Bay Post will be giving coverage of the Batemans Bay pool issue.

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